Kobie Pieters

May 26, 2016
June 26, 2016
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Kobie Pieters

Name: Kobie Pieters

Gender: Male

Country: South Africa

Age: 28 Years

Height: 174cm

1.How many years have you been training?

7 Years

2.How many hours do you train per day?

1 Hour 30 minutes to 2 hours per day.

3.How many days do you train per week?

I train every day, occasionally I take a rest day.

4.Current weight:102kg

5.What is your typical competition weight?

Between 95kg & 98kg.

6.What is your ideal weight?

Normal weight: 120kg

Competition weight: 115kg

7.What is your current body fat % ?

It is around 7-8%.

8.What would your ideal body fat % be?

 Below 5%


9.Are you happy with your physique now?

I don’t believe a Bodybuilder will ever be, always looking to be bigger & harder.

10.What do you want to improve the most on your body?

Overall conditioning.

11.Who in the world of Bodybuilding, do you admire the most?

I respect & admire everyone who set themselves a goal & crushes it! Reaching individual / personal goals.

12.What inspired you to take up Bodybuilding?

The level of self control & discipline it requires to improve yourself.

13.Do you, or any Bodybuilding friends, feel that the sport is addictive, to the point where it takes over your lives? Please feel free to comment after Yes / No answer.

No, it takes a lot to do what athletes do everyday. However a balance in life is important.

14.How has Bodybuilding improved your life?

I focus on having a mentally, physically & spiritually balanced life. Bodybuilding has taught me through personal growth, how to better myself & help others.

15.Are there any aspects of Bodybuilding which you would like to tell us about, in terms of how the sport affects your life?

The sport itself is much more than just a bunch of guys flexing on stage. It requires a deep commitment which forces growth in all aspects of your life when balance is maintained.

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