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aerobicsAerobics, more commonly known as Group Training is a format of instructor led programmes that are structured and designed to give you a controlled, motivated and rewarding workout.
It creates social interaction ensuring an enjoyable experience.We have a number of different group training classes that will cater for your variety of needs.


spinningSpinning is also referred to as indoor cycling and its concept is to ultimately simulate an outdoor cycling experience indoors.
It is also instructor led and thus ensures that you are given a great workout as you battle mountainous terrain, interval sprints for the line and long distance endurance events. All these will prepare you for the real thing.


pilatesAlthough instructor led and generally very exclusive, we are pleased to announce that our Pilatesoffering is inclusive to the Group Training experience.
A very popular form of training, pilates involves exercises that use specialized apparatus designed to improve your physical strength, flexibility, posture and to enhance mental awereness.

Express classes

express classExpress classes are a unique offering to our fitness facility and are aimed at members who are restricted for time. These fun-filled classes are facilitated by our highly qualified Fitness Instructors and are specifically targeted as a high energy, short and intense workout.
They are available at key times during the day, early morning, lunch-time and in the evening to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Boot Camp

bootcampOne of the fastest growing and most popular forms of training, boot camp is a great drill-based class that includes cardio, toning, strength, and plyo-metric based moves.
There is little to no choreography in this class and is for all fitness levels. Be sure to bring a towel and water bottle!!

Swimming Pool

swimmingOutdoor Half Olympic Size pool for training purposes and social events.
5 Lanes x 25 metres long


circuitThe Circuit is great way to get started with a training routine. This function ensures that you follow a systematic workout that targets all your muscle groups while ensuring a great cardio workout at the same time. The circuit assists you to follow a timer and guides you through the workout.
A great way to lose the unwanted kilos, to tone up and to build up your fitness level, not only for beginners.

Ladies Circuit

ladies circuitWe also provide an exclusive area dedicated to our female members.
Here our members can enjoy their workouts in the comfort of the ladies section and have access to their own array of strength equipment to assist with toning and exercise variety. Sorry boys, this one’s for the ladies.

Cardio Centre

cardioOne of the most popular attractions within any gym, our cardio centre has an entire floor just dedicated to this equipment.
We have a huge selection of cardio equipment, including over 25 treadmills, 35 upright bikes, 10 recumbent bikes, 10 cross-trainers, rowers and arm ergos, we cater for all.We also have close to 40 spinning bikes.

Strength/free weight area

Free WeightWe provide one of the largest and open free weight areas that ensure you have a spacious workout with a very impressive selection of strength equipment at your disposal.
We also have a powerlifting platform to cater for specialised training needs.

Fitness Assessments

assesmentFitness assessments comprise of a body fat measurement, blood pressure test, goal questionnaire, risk screening evaluation, a training programme and are recommended to determine your current fitness level and training goals.
These are offered to all members as a way of tracking and monitoring your progress in the gym and can be done at any time and reviewed for you on a monthly basis.

Personal Trainers

trainersOur personal trainers provide an added value benefit to our members. Taking on the services of one of our trainers will ensure the achievement of your goals through personal and consistent motivation.
Our highly qualified Personal Trainers will drive you to deliver on any of the goals you set for yourself and will act as your life coach and mentor.

Sports massage

sportsmassageSports massage therapy is geared toward athletes of every kind, from world-class professionals to weekend joggers

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